Level Up with Mosha Academy and combine Videogames with the Classroom.
  • Students ¡You are the Hero! Equip your weapons and capture monsters in the World. Explore, Top the Leaderboards, Play Games and Design your own Home in this stress relieving never-ending adventure. ¿Think you can beat your own classmates?

  • Display Featured Badge
  • No Ads
  • Receive Double Muns
  • Receive Triple EXP
  • Receive 1 Random Collectible.
  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts
  • Unlimited Closet Slots
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Academy

  1. What is Mosha Academy Plus?

    Mosha Academy Plus is our Program for Schools, Teachers, and Students that offers Fun games that will let you compete with your Academy friends in a close environment.

  2. What kind of Games can I play?

    We have Math Games, Puzzle Games, RPG Games and Fun and Competitive Games specially designed for Schools, Teachers and Students.

  3. To whom is it Aimed for?

    It is specially designed for Schools, Teachers and Students.