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Hey Haze, thank you for joining Mosha Online!

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to welcome you. Mosha Online is a great place were you can socialize with all your friends and talk about Anime, RPG's, MOBA's, video games and other trending topics.

You can also upload your drawings, pictures, designs or sketches. Post comments to your friends, share news, chat with your friends, blog about any trending topic, play and design.

As you can see, we are currently on an alpha stage, and we are working very hard to improve your experience, so we encourage you to invite more friends to get more Muns and continue growing!

Thank you!
We hope to see you around,
Mosha Online's Chief of Staff

Thanks, it looked interesting so im checking it out. :)
A bit lost at the moment though, but im sure i'll get used to the layout.

9 Nov 18

How are things going? Are you still lost? I have seen your progress. Its amazing!

24 Sep 19