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An Online Fantasy Casual All-in-One RPG tailored for You with Love & Kawaiiness ♥

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Mosha Online

Mosha Online is an Online Fantasy Casual All-in-One RPG tailored for You with Love & Kawaiiness for Web, PC and Android.

Create your own Hero, select your stats, equip your weapon and go Hunting for monsters in the World of Mosha. Play with friends to increase your fame, join a Guild, hunt with a Party, loot monsters to Refine your Equipment!
  • Dress Up your avatar with hundreds of items! Dress Up with Style!
  • Make friends and follow people! Friends
  • Explore the World of Dreams, visit your friend, and help each other fight agains mobs! Play, Fight & Explore

  • Trade with friends, open your own shop, sell your loot! Shop & Trade
  • Design your Canvas, sell it at the marketplace! Design & Sell
  • An incredible and unique experience an all devices! Experience Mosha Online!

The World of Mosha Online

It all began from the mere thought of the great consciousness. Some time around the year 2016 AC, Nur, the Old Guru of Dreams arrived to this World and created The Nexus to help every other Dream Walker enter this World.

In this #FlatEarth, Spirituality and Science seems to be highly developed. Monsters spawn outside of populated areas and always respawn after you kill it so it seems that the mobs are just your Dreams and Nightmares. Heroes fight agains Mobs to Level Up, find loot to sell and become more powerful and famous. Some people will stop at nothing in their pursuit of Power..

  • 1,162 Moshans
  • 1,188 Posts
  • 379 Screenshots
  • 12,257 Mobs Killed
  • 0 Duels