Joined: Mar 07, 2021
Location New Eden City

[12021-03-08 00.13.22] this game is very bugy for me ;_; , idk how to even move around, tried but nothing works, using a browser version btw....
[12021-03-10 19.04.31] still can't react almost at all in this game yet.... = /
[12021-03-10 20.17.12] ok n now not only i can't move anywhere in-game which was the issue i had sense getting to try this game out, database seems messtup, it removed my email but show its still confirmed so its grayed-out, so i can't re-enter it.... n that disable some options it seems, also i bought a few arrows from the npc, both in batch n in single one multy times, n small groups, but it seems i can only see either a single one, or most of the time, none at all 0_0 ....


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