A couple(?) of things,
> There a warp in my canvas (it lead to the Nexus), it's probably fine where it is but I seem to need to redesign my canvas sometime later.
> The World Map seem to be disable, either for debugging or moved to a place I didn't find yet. Can't go to a lots of places now, but Chicks and Polyworms are there if anyone need something from monsters. If anyone get stuck at the ice arena teleport to your canvas then used the warp back.
> You can sell to the NPCs your excess junk, if anyone need a quick changes and a large inventory this is an options.
If anyone have any canvas ideas I have open ears at the moment.

Scratch the part about the World Map, it's attached to the Flying Pollo / The flying ship. I clearly need to get my eyes check.

5 Jul 19

Yes, things have changed. Worldmap is now accesible through the Flying Pollo Ship. Easy Worlmap travel is a VIP feature. The Nexus is now the link between your world and The World of Mosha. So that is the reason of the teleport in your wmap :)

9 Jul 19