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Frequently Asked Questions about Muns

  1. What are Muns?

    Muns are the hard currency used in Mosha to get the best experience in Games.

  2. How can I obtain Muns?

    You can buy Muns using real money with different payment methods or you can do other things to obtain Muns for Free like: Liking and Posting Comments, Following Friends, Playing Games and Selling.

  3. What can I buy with Muns?

    Muns can be used to buy accesories in Mosha that can be found in the Market. You can also buy accesories sold by other users and stores inside the games.

  4. I bought Muns, Where can I see how much I have?

    The total amount of Muns you own are displayed in the top header Menu of Mosha.

  5. Can I transfer Muns from one account to another?

    Yes, you must go to Mosha Online and start a trade with the account you wish to transfer the Muns.