1. Last Update: May 21, 2019
  2. We use Cookies to enhance the user experience. The following information details what are Cookies, what kind of Cookies we use, how you can deactivate them and block the installation of Cookies from third parties.

  3. ¿What are Cookies?

    Cookies are files that websites like Us install on the browser or device (smartphone, tablet or connected television) that contain the users data gathered from navigating on the Website. It helps us to provide you with a better experience during your visit. We use Cookies for the following purposes:
    • ensure the links work correctly,
    • know the quality of your experienice during navigation,
    • gather anonymous statistical information, like the pages you have visited or the time you stayed there.
    • adapt to your interests in a better way.

  4. Types of Cookies

    Cookies can be divided in sessions or permanent. Cookies based on sessions expire when the user closes the browser. Permanent Cookies expire when they serve the purpose to mantain the user's session and can also be eliminated manually.
    Additionaly, based on their objective, Cookies can be clasified in the next way:
    • Necessary, needed for the correct function of a website.
    • Performance, needed to check the experience and help us track some quick storage configurations.
    • Marketing, needed to show ads.
    • Personalized, needed to track personal information.
    • Geo-location, needed to track the region you are currently.
    • Analytics, needed to track anonymous information like visits.

  5. Disable Cookies

    You can disable Cookies any time by doing the following:
    Google Chrome: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=95647
    Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-es/internet-explorer/delete-manage-cookies#ie=ie-11
    Mozilla Firefox: http://support.mozilla.org/es/kb/habilitar-y-deshabilitar-cookies-que-los-sitios-we
    Apple Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH17191?locale=es_ES

  6. What Happens when you Disable Cookies

    Keep in mind that if you disable Cookies, the Website will not work properly and the game won't play correctly.

  7. Cookies we use in the Website

    We keep several cookies listed:
    G_, _ga, _gat, _gid: Google Analytics
    fbm_, fblo_, fr, tr: Facebook
    cookiesDirective, mosha_: Mosha
    , • k_: Twitter
    , • __cfduid: AdinPlay
    , • x_: Paypal

  8. Guarantees

    We are not responsible for the veracity of third companies privacy policy.

  9. Revocation

    You can revoke Cookie acces at any given time.