Written Location Xocolatl Aztlan

The new areas look pretty! Keep up the good work ^^
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Written Location Avenues of Anger 2

Working on a theme! Cleaning up some last little details, and still trying to figure out how to get the mp3 file to work. Kudos to you if you recognize where this environment is from! If not, then the music and theme name will be a major hint :)
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It looks super cool! :3

21 Jun

Love it!"

29 Jun

Written Location Crystal Lake

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Tyvm! I love the art style ^^

15 Jun


18 Jun

Written Location Cheshire Hideout

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The Creator Written

Hey Talitha, thank you for joining Mosha Online!

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to welcome you. Mosha Online is A Cute and Simple Fantasy All-in-One RPG handcrafted with Love & Kawaiiness ♥ for Web, PC and Android.

Of course, you can also upload your drawings, pictures, designs or sketches. Post comments to your friends, share news, chat with your friends, blog about any trending topic, play and design.

As you can see, we are currently on Open Beta stage, and we are working very hard to improve your experience, so we encourage you to invite more friends to get more Muns and continue growing!

Thank you!
We hope to see you around,
Mosha Online's Chief of Staff
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