An Online Social RPG handcrafted with ❤ for Web, PC and Android.

Our story begins way back in 1999, when a group of kids got together on mIRC and started coding bots and games. It was a fun experience, but it was all text based and created a limited experience.
By 2001, we launched our first Forum and we formed communities on several Anime and Gaming Forums. That's when I came up with the idea of a platform for indie designers that wanted to create beautiful anime art and designs for the love of it. At the same time, I wanted to create a Game. An RPG game with multiplayer capabilities that could be played online.

I wanted to it to be more collaborative, and more indie, taking a more artistic approach rather than an action oriented one. And thats how the project was born. It was kind of crazy.
By 2008 we were all about Anime and RPGs in a Forum based community. We started tinkering with the forum to enable Online RPG features and Games like battles. And it became one of the greatest indie gaming communities.
With the arrival of Social Networks and better technologies to work with, we started develpment of better frameworks, scripts and tools. I believe there's power in community. Gamers, let's players, designers, anime fans, reviewers, youtubers, journalists: let's grow this amazing community, and celebrate!
P.S. By 2016, I got two new important life changing events: The first one, is that I got married with my beautiful wife :); the second event, is that I will become a dad. And... well, that is how Mosha came to be, cheers!

- Hiro