An Online Fantasy Casual All-in-One RPG tailored for You with Love & Kawaiiness ♥

About Mosha Games

Mosha Games is an Indie #gamedev which aims to reignite the magic and imagination of classic style RPGs with modern technology to connect players around the world in never ending adventures. On November 7, 2017 Mosha Online was launched to Public and we have been working on it ever since.


We know everything can be done, if we can imagine it. We are creators and we want everyone to become a creator. We thrive with passion, this is what we love: "Creating videogames & art". We also believe there's power in community: gamers, designers, anime fans, reviewers, youtubers, journalists: let's connect this amazing community! Thanks.


The World of Mosha Online has been brewing in the mind of Creative Director Hector Faudoa (Hiro) since 2008. He started development of an Engine called "Pollo Engine" to bring Mosha Online to life.

Mosha Online had its start as project Eden for an Anime & RPG Community called "Rpg Maniax". Technology back then was not enough for the project to be brought to life, nevertheless, develpment on spare time was done for almost a decade. The opportunity to increase development time came by 2016, when Mosha Games was formed and by 2017 Mosha Online launched its public beta.


Inspiration comes from 16 bit SNES games like Chrono Trigger, Zelda and Secret of Mana. Also PC games like Ragnarok Online is used for its online mechanics.


Mosha Online is an Online Fantasy Casual All-in-One RPG tailored for You with Love & Kawaiiness for Web, PC and Android.

Hero, select your stats, equip your weapon and go Hunting for monsters in the World of Mosha. Play with friends to increase your fame, join a Guild, hunt with a Party, loot monsters to refine your equipment in this stress releiving adventure!


  • Dress Up with Style!
    Dress Up your avatar with hundreds of items!
  • Friends
    Make friends and follow people!
  • Play, Fight & Explore
    Explore the World of Dreams, visit your friend, and help each other fight agains mobs!

  • Shop & Trade
    Trade with friends, open your own shop, sell your loot!
  • Design & Sell
    Design your Canvas, sell it at the marketplace!
  • Experience Mosha Online!
    An incredible and unique experience an all devices!

The World of Mosha Online

It all began from the mere thought of the great consciousness. Some time around the year 2016 AC, Nur, the Old Guru of Dreams arrived to this World and created The Nexus to help every other Dream Walker enter this World.

In this #FlatEarth, Spirituality and Science seems to be highly developed. Monsters spawn outside of populated areas and always respawn after you kill it so it seems that the mobs are just your Dreams and Nightmares. Heroes fight agains Mobs to Level Up, find loot to sell and become more powerful and famous. Some people will stop at nothing in their pursuit of Power..

  • 1,085 Moshans
  • 1,079 Posts
  • 270 Screenshots
  • 11,841 Mobs Killed
  • 0 Duels
  • 521 Items


Episode 1
"Calling all Heroes!"
The Nexus is were your journey begins. You are summoned from your World to the World of Mosha. Equipped only with a Wooden Sword you start your adventure by hunting down your first Mob. Be sure to pick up the Loot!

▶ Infinite Hero Customization ◀
Customize your own Hero!
Set up your Stats to become stronger!
Hunt and Loot Monsters!

▶ A Never-Ending Adventure ◀
Start your adventure with friends all over the world! (Or be the lone wolf, if you like that.)
Gain Muns to buy stuff! Be sure to take lots of Photos!
Refine your weapons and armor to make them stronger!
Sell loot in the Market or Trade with Others!

▶ You Get a World! ◀
Customize your own "World Canvas"!
Sell your creations at the market!

▶ Simple and Deep Battle System ◀
Deep mechanics, designed with a simple tap to battle and perform skills.
Battle monsters to gain EXP and Level Up!

Episode 2
"Everything is a Dream within Dreams..."
After months of battling monsters in this new world, you continue to explore new areas. More Dream Walkers continue to join and as people become stronger, they compete against each others. People now start to create Guilds to go on adventures with their Nakamas.

▶ PVP Duels ◀
Fight agains other Players to become the Most Powerful Hero.

▶ Guild System ◀
Create your Guild and start adding up to 8 Nakamas.
Design your Guild to suit your needs.
Hunt Monsters with your Guild.

▶ WorldMap ◀
Travel around the #FlatEarth with your Flying Ship!
Travelling is Free for VIP Members!




Hector Faudoa
Director, Producer, Designer, Main Programmer

Jazar Mabet

Amrit Santokh Singh