An Online Social RPG crafted with ❤ for Web, PC and Android.


Mosha Online An Online Social RPG crafted with ❤ for Web, PC and Android.

¡You are the Hero! Select your stats, equip your weapons and capture Moshans in the World of Mosha. Explore the World, Be Social, join a Guild, hunt with a Party, Top the leaderboards, Loot items and design your own worlds in this stress relieving never-ending adventure.


Episode 1
"Calling all Heroes!"
The Nexus is were your journey begins. You are summoned from your World to the World of Mosha. Equipped only with a Wooden Sword you start your adventure by hunting down your first Mob. Be sure to pick up the Loot!

▶ Infinite Hero Customization ◀
Customize your own Hero!
Set up your Stats to become stronger!
Hunt and Loot Monsters!

▶ A Never-Ending Adventure ◀
Start your adventure with friends all over the world! (Or be the lone wolf, if you like that.)
Gain Muns to buy stuff! Be sure to take lots of Photos!
Refine your weapons and armor to make them stronger!
Sell loot in the Market or Trade with Others!

▶ You Get a World! ◀
Customize your own "World Canvas"!
Sell your creations at the market!

▶ Simple and Deep Battle System ◀
Deep mechanics, designed with a simple tap to battle and perform skills.
Battle monsters to gain EXP and Level Up!

Episode 2
"Everything is a Dream within Dreams..."
After months of battling monsters in this new world, you continue to explore new areas. More Dream Walkers continue to join and as people become stronger, they compete against each others. People now start to create Guilds to go on adventures with their Nakamas.

▶ PVP Duels ◀
Fight against other Players to become the Most Powerful Hero.

▶ Guild System ◀
Create your Guild and start adding up to 8 Nakamas.
Design your Guild to suit your needs.
Hunt Monsters with your Guild.

▶ WorldMap ◀
Travel around the World with your Flying Ship!
Travelling is Free for VIP Members!

▶ Pet System ◀
Capture Pets, Train them and let them battle with you.
Send them to explore and bring you items back.




Hector Faudoa
Indie Dev

- Episode 1 -

Jazar Mabet
Amrit Santokh Singh
Hiyori Lawliet
Hitsugi Zannin
Jr. Designer

- Episode 2 -

Abraham Rodriguez
Andrea Alvarez
Facebook Community Manager
Emilio Emmz

- Special Thanks -

Rpg Maniax Team


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